Thursday, October 04, 2007

On the Everyday

Let me just say that right now, I am seriously starting to dread washing my lone spoon and fork day in, day out. Oh, and my favorite mug, too. But well duh, who else will do it?

And laundry everyday, folding towels, fixing my bed, every single day. I wash my clothes at night and wait for the final cycle to end, to dry them on the rack in my room while I sleep. And at an ungodly half-past four in the morning, before the first class starts at 6, I hurriedly see whatever laundry needs to be washed, or dried, or folded. I like folding towels: the OCD part of me likes seeing all the towels neatly lined up in the cabinet. But still; day in, day out: laundry, laundry, dishes, laundry. Still, what Inga (the resident massage therapist) said IS true: "I just think of more laundry as more business." Sigh. True.

I've also been teaching 6 am classes more now, and I found myself supplementing my diet with Silk's Soy Mocha, which is basically pre-packaged liquid 3-in-1 coffee, sorta, only it's more a 4-in-1: coffee, chocolate, soymilk, and some sweetener. I also tried adding Kefir for digestion: its lactose molecules are supposedly smaller than yogurt's, and has even more probiotics. But I find that both the coffee and the kefir have been giving me headaches: coffee gets me jumpstarted, but I experience horrible and lurching, almost blinding, dizziness and headaches in the afternoon, after I crash to bed after teaching and eating lunch. So once I finish my stash, I'm going full vegan: not even dairy, and as with a detox rule, which I guess also applies to me, no more coffee: maybe my caffeine tolerance is lower: I'm sticking to my favorite chai and/or green tea. As for probiotics, a vegan alternative would be kombucha. That plus it does give me a nice, though more mellow, buzz.

That aside, I just got a comment from a student (I don't remember her name: as I tell my students, I'm still new at this name game, the objective being to remember their names!) who took my class two weeks ago and then took it again a few days ago. And she said that there is a marked difference in my teaching. "You're getting there," she said, smiling. I modestly demurred, thanking her, saying it's still a process. And it should be a neverending process. Tony said my dialog is fine; Mike said that too when he took my first class. However, he said last night that my dialog IS there but out of sequence. So he told me to tape my classes (however way is most comfortable, easy, flexible*!), then work my way through the dialog to get it perfect, starting today with Half-moon w/Hands to Feet, Awkward, and Eagle. Read the dialog as I listen to myself on tape, then highlight whatever I missed out on or skewed out of sequence. Listening to myself had helped tremendously in the past; I'm sure it will do so now. So I said ok, I'll do that. Then he did the cutest thing: He whipped up his hand for a high-five, and he said delightedly, "Is that a deal?" A tad surprised, it was all I could do to give him a high-five back. He's such a sweetheart. He's 63, and he can still act like a kid. Cute. Joani should be about 52? Something like that. They're both so supportive. Most everybody is, which is amazing and awesome.

Today's my day off, as is tomorrow; I'm thinking of going to the museum area today, though it WILL be a walk, and if I can, take a double today, just in case for a day I choose not to practice. Had a hard time getting up today (again, it must be that caffeine). So still thinking about it. Or go to the bookstore to get my order. Or get some groceries (discovery: LIMEADE! Sooo good. But hmm, maybe not: a bit heavy to carry). Or get a mani-pedi. Maybe. Or a wax. God knows I need a wax! Will check the prices first, though. Labor isn't cheap here. Plus something to do in the distant future is to learn how to ride a bike and to drive. Houston not having a very extensive bus system and not a lot of crosswalks, and being a bit reluctant to spend on exorbitant taxi fares might finally force me to learn to ride a bike and drive, especially if I want to explore more on my own! I've managed so far with my books, my little task-pad and the Internet, but one of these days, I really should go out, at least before Thanksgiving with Ninang Nilo!

But we'll see. The day is still young.

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