Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ides o' March

Another month has come and gone. The last time I posted was February. I dunno, it just gets tiring to work and write-write, which I really need to do, incidentally. So. Where was I? Ah, March. A lot of stuff has happened. I continuously try to improve and fine tune how I eat, supplement, etc, and I think I'm getting better. I have diabetes and heart disease on both sides of the gene pool, and just this year, my dad discovered he has diabetes (on top of heart disease). So um, where does that leave me?! I've been trying to eliminate sugar just a little over two weeks now. I slip up occasionally with alcohol, or beans, especially when I am out with friends, but aside from those times, I think I've been doing well. I've cut juice, most starches and grains from my diet and noticed a more even energy: no more crashes! Super sweet. I also changed my skin regimen to more natural stuff, and as a result my skin tone got weird for a while, but with the aid (push?) of a little facial/microdermabrasion, it's getting a whole lot better. And remind me: no touching! Argh. Such a bad habit; I also do it unconsciously, and in that hot room? Ick.

Teaching's been getting better and better. For the first time, I took a class, then taught immediately after: I looked just as sweaty as everyone else! Too funny. That said, I was able to teach the class pretty well, but will I want to do it again if I have to? No; I really prefer taking class after I teach; that way, I know I can totally "kill" myself in the hot room.

Looking at further studies online. Maybe, maybe. Had Mom and Dad mail me my transcripts already, and a FAFSA on their end. Aha.

A friend also introduced me to her daughter's friend, and hopefully I can say this safely: we are hitting it off. So fun to talk to him. He is into anime and traveling and languages, like me. Has watched too many musicals, and hates them. Smart cookie. Opinionated. I love it. And he introduced me to Pulp Fiction. Even better. Going out again today, probably to rock climb, and more. Kinda excited, but I hope this is going well.

Now to work on budgeting *sigh* And driving! Dangit.