Monday, October 08, 2007

Heaven in a Spoon

So courtesy of Andrea who brought me to Wholefoods yesterday, among the groceries (my, how it DOES pile up!) I needed to buy, I found this brand of vegan ice cream that piqued my interest: NadaMoo. I had just had Turtle Mountain's Green Tea flavor which tastes EXACTLY like the dairy version, which was a pleasant surprise. However, I was wondering how a mint chocolate chip flavor would taste like. I had seen a carob peppermint flavor from Turtle Mountain that had less calories, but then my eyes strayed towards NadaMoo's funky (green!) packaging, mint-chocolate chip flavor. I scanned the ingredients, which seemed...interesting: coconut milk, amasake, agave nectar, spirulina, among others. From their website "ice cream that’s non-dairy, ice cream made with organic whole food ingredients, delicious ice cream, ice cream without high fructose corn syrup, creamy ice cream, ice cream without low-quality oils, satisfying ice cream, ice cream without isolated soy protein, refined sugars, artificial ingredients and colors." Sounds good to me. Still, coconut milk? In ice cream? My trepidations were all put to rest this lunch time (after teaching my classes for the day), when I tried it for the first time. So. f***in' good. Close-your-eyes-in-bliss-as-you're-transported-to-the-Himalayas good, go-back-to-the-freezer-and-scoop-out-another-serving good. Holy cow. Mm-mm-MM. DAMN good. Creamy without being fluffy (like dairy ice cream gets after a while), and just plain GOOD.

Next to try Turtle Mountain's slightly-less-healthy, less calorie-laden, Carob Peppermint. I am still reserving my verdict.

Just had Tofurky Jerky, too. Not bad. Satisfied the chewy, slightly-salty craving. Not advised for wheat allergy sufferers, though.

Next salty-craving hunt: Tings.

So yeah. Who said vegans are deprived????

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