Saturday, October 27, 2007

Not-so groundhog days

Been teaching, as usual. Energy has been getting better. Teachers/friends who haven't taken my class in a while took it again and said I've majorly improved. Well, hopefully I can just improve more. Dr. Schulze's Superfood is beneficial, plus that session with Yamini (the Indian lady who does SRT: Soul Response Therapy) was good, and put some things into perspective, as well as gives me stuff to work on. And it was on Mike and Joani, which was even better. They said it's their gift to me, how sweet. Do you know, if I teach here a year, I can teach a private class, which goes for $100???? Same time, 90 minutes, but instead of $40 a class, it becomes $100--just for a private class, though. But still! Which reminds me to look up writing opportunities: gotta build up a portfolio first before anything else.

It's been getting colder here. I had thought Texas would stay warm, as I read that it's consistently warm here, in the 70s. Wrong. It gets to the 50s here, and since the building is made of brick (I think), it can sometimes be colder inside than outside. I find that bizarre. I'm so glad I went to the Galleria on Thursday and bought at Victoria's Secret and Gap. I got more loungey, fun clothes at Victoria's Secret (2 fleece hoodies-1 red, 1 grey with stars; 3 fleece pants in 3 different styles-1 navy, 1 Pepto Bismol pink, and 1 dark grey; and 1 cuuute cherry-pajama set that I can use around the studio), and more going-out clothes at the Gap (1 black wool pullover-dress with button-up turtleneck option; 1 water-resistant parka w/removable hoodie; 2 longsleeved shirts on sale-1 navy, 1 black; and 1 dark grey poncho with pockets!) I hear it can go down to 40. With these clothes, I'll be ok. A nice plus to going to the Galleria is I learned to take the bus, which is easier than the route the bus company gave when I called. Should use the bus tomorrow as I can't always rely on other people to bring me around. Might do that for groceries, too: easier than trying to go to the Farmer's Market open only 'til noon. We'll see; I teach the last class tomorrow evening, so I dunno yet. One nice thing about this weather is it's fixing my skin again: the heat made it break out a little, which the cold is now drying up.

Had a massage with Inga, the resident RMT (registered massage therapist) yesterday, on my day off yesterday. Fantastic. There's something about registered masseuses working the body. She didn't seem to be kneading me to a pulp; it was great. She told me something about (dry) body brushing, which she says is good for balancing hormones out. Then she played this CD just of waves. I borrowed it and downloaded it to my iTunes. I love the sound of waves. Afterwards, we had the meeting, wherein afterwards we were given $10 (for the hour we spent in the meeting: very nice of Mike and Joani to do). Then Ben (Andrea's fiance) and I went to the Mac OS Leopard launch at the Galleria, which I noted is actually pretty close to Intercon (BUT the traffic is horrendous!). We didn't get the free t-shirts anymore, oh well. Still, it looks really nice. Being in an Apple store is like being in a candy shop. It's like I want to try everything! I looked at the new iPods, and they look really nice (I liked the red in particular), but I read reviews that say the previous iPods worked better. Ben was telling me to get the white MacBook instead of the black because he said white is the distinctive color of Apple, but Andrea said to get the black. If white had that extra memory that the black does, I would've as I also like the white more, but it doesn't, so no go. I am pretty excited to order the MacBook, maybe by the 1st week of December?

Then Andrea, Ben and I went to the almost-all-vegan restaurant called Field of Green's last night on West Alabama. Man oh man; I got my vegan-fake-meat fix right there. They have very good vegetarian food: I like these vegan fish tacos that taste like that fake crab meat in sushi, with seaweed. Then I also recently tried a fake-chicken mushroom with portabello: YUM. They have this vegan chocolate cake that is absolutely SUPERB (I tried the chocolate tofu pie; I like the cake more) The owner's this Chinese woman from Shenzhen. Very nice. I also ordered some vegan food online recently: Tings, these chips with nutritional yeast; vegan gummi bears, a new vegan Snickers-like candy bar; and Liz Lovely Cowgirl cookies, the best vegan chocolate chip cookies that taste like cookie dough: again, YUM. I also recently ordered these yoga toe separators that should help with my bunion. Will see how that goes; maybe it will give me straight feet in the future. I love being able to do that here through the internet, and it arriving safe and sound (touch wood) to me.

Just finished watching Thursday's episode of Grey's Anatomy online--for free! It's my weekly fix, aside from the anime Bleach ;) Tomorrow, I might hang out at that bookstore (Brazos) again across the street. I got a really nice book there, called Labyrinth by Kate Mosse. I've been doing too much to stop and read it, but it sounds pretty good so far: it's a story set in France on the Holy Grail; Steve Berry of "The Templar Legacy" wrote a review at the back. It's really nice here. I like that there are shelters where you can put dogs/cats in or even adopt them from there, where a big advocacy on neutering and spaying is in place (so as to avoid unnecessary strays, etc). The people here are pretty laid back, as compared to the East Coast, and even to California. The mail system is fantastic, there are restaurants I know to go to (one of which is Mission Burritos, a Tex-Mex, veg-friendly place serving delicious tortilla chips and an awesome sangria-margarita frozen swirl: YUM--only on my days off, though!). The only thing here is that people drive a bit crazy, as Andrea puts it. But it's still pretty nice, nonetheless. It's a good city to settle in, I think. It does help that the South Blvd. studio is in a relatively nicer (and safer, albeit pricier) part of town. But we'll see: it's only been a bit over a month.

So I basically, teach...and teach, and that's my life here. Well, ok, add some laundry to the mix, and a freaky student every now and then, but eclipsed by supportive directors, colleagues, even students. Even Rosa, the cleaning lady, and I converse in Spanish: she teaches me a phrase or two sometimes: I'm glad of having studied a while in Salamanca! So yeah, it's been nice. I woke up to brush my teeth, remove my contacts and do the laundry. Now I'm going back to bed. So g'night!

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