Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Coming Chill

So happy: we were just given a form for direct deposit for paychecks into any bank, which makes it so much easier for me: I don't have to walk to the bank anymore to deposit my check. I straightaway submitted my form to my director (Mike). Hopefully, should have more money saved by Christmas. Speaking of which, I'm thinking of buying a MacBook this Christmas; I'm also really excited about the new operating system, the (Mac OS) Leopard, coming out this Friday. So excited and curious about that.

Anyway, it's been getting cold here--the temperature's dropped to the 50s, and I did not bring warm enough clothes for this chill (Thin yoga shorts just won't cut it)! So I think I'll go look around Gap, maybe, if they have warm clothes. Or wherever nearby (and not so expensive!) on my day off. We'll see. This temperature change has also just been messing with my energy levels, ugh. To my chagrin, I wake up tired, I'm struggling again to teach, and even my yoga practice has been suffering: I feel like I die a million deaths in the hot room. Oh well. But Mike told me something sweet this evening: "I'm sure you've been told this so many times, but your backbend is just beautiful; it's amazing." Aw. :)

Mike's teaching the 6 am tomorrow, thank GOD; I teach the 8 am, then have to call Yamini for a "space clearing" appointment at 10:30 (am). Teaching the 10 am & 12 nn on Thursday, and then my day off on Friday, right in time for that (discounted!) massage. Counting the days...

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