Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Beware the PMS'ing Virago

It truly boggles my mind that people who are closest to me are also those who can hurt me hardest. I think it has to do with that inner circle I let them into--my "inner sanctum" where I can express myself freely, take them into that confidence. And armed with that, they can do anything to trip me up and wound me, I guess. So yeah, I think it's all about TRUST. Of course, it doesn't help when it's nearing "that time of the month," when even the tiniest gecko can become a hissing, biting, fire-breathing dragon. It is in such times that I don't understand how I can get so snappish, and mean, and impatient, and VULNERABLE. But there you go, and here I am. Despite my usual peaceful mien, there is still that yappy little bitch that occasionally comes out to bite, or at best needs space to be left alone awhile until she reverts back to Pup Placid, lest she bites something too big that she can't remedy later. So in the threatening-to-erupt tempest in a teapot, I try to go back to pranayama, to take deep breaths and release them: always.release.

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