Saturday, January 27, 2007


Oooh: Isa was featured in the NYT! Coolness. I have both her cookbooks now--I just found her cupcake book while browsing at a Fully Booked, woot!

Was thinking about [taking] different yoga teachers again. And it's not like I like one over the other, though being human, I must confess I sometimes do, and that even the term "favorite" can be switched back and forth over time ('coz I'm fickle that way). But whoever teacher, each one has something to offer, some grain of wisdom to impart to me. And I realize that I should always, always be grateful.

Lately, I had lunch with one of my teachers, H, at this quaint cafe, and I was mentioning balking over using just a sports bra or something similar instead of a full cami/tank because of my tummy, and she reminded me that "Yoga is about letting go." Ack. But really, maybe I should.

Being in Muhkatee, I've slowly been catching up with people from this neck of the concrete jungle. And I'm glad.

In any case, some advice I found useful from YJ:

Before buying:
Do I have enough money [for it]?
Do I have enough room [for it]?
Do I *really* want it?
Do I have time to care for it?
Will I really use/wear it?

Before saying anything:
Is it TRUE?
Is it KIND? (Well maybe this is optional, haha)

On gratitude*:
What have I received today?
What have I given today?
What difficulties and troubles did I cause today?

*This hinges on interconnectedness: how we are all connected to everything, and how we are dependent on Mother Earth for most everything: the sun, air, soil type and general climate that it took to produce our food, or the plants that took to feed the livestock, the vehicles that brought our food to the markets, the water and detergent it takes to wash our clothes and the weather that dries them, the circumstances of our birth....and this can go on and on.


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