Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Truth for April Fool's

While I was perusing my chosen yoga's website, I came across this endearing Cathy comic. Aside from entertaining, though, it also reminds me or invites me to lead a yogi lifestyle, 24/7. What that is, I do not know. Besides, it differs for everyone, I guess--case in point in being T's and my recent spat (which had already been building up, but that's not necessary to discuss)

I've recently gotten into VMV Hypoallergenics. Being someone who has skin allergies to almost everything, VMV Hypoallergenics products are a Godsend. I can personally vouch for these two products, while these two I'm still trying out.

Recently got a book spawned by an online women traveler's journal, as well as this book which seems right up my alley. Ah, my weekend has been revealed. W-ell, not entirely, as I haven't mentioned Bleach.

But most people close to me know I'm addicted to Bleach right now. I am currently at Episode 105. I've downloaded 91-120, most of the music tracks, and both OVA's in Bleach Exile. It took many days, but I think it's worth it. Now to burn it into a DVD-R and I'll be good to go. Can they all fit into one disc, I wonder?

This doesn't mean, however, that I've completely forgotten I'm leaving for Teacher Training in 9 days (it starts in 14, but I've got to get used to the 18-hour difference!). I practiced my dialog for one pose--fully, both sides--with my teacher-mentor F. It went a whole lot better than with T, I can safely say. I know T meant well....but my spirit was crushed and I was discouraged. He's a perfectionist, one of his staff L said. Indeed he is: he was already pointing out my weak (i.e. lack of) conviction while reciting the dialog, comparing it to one talking to a plant. However, this critique also crushed my conviction, my belief in myself to be able to do this, even my desire to practice yoga. Fortunately, F brushed those aside and told me to pay T no mind, that I'll find my voice there; what's important is to believe I will. Hence my spirit has been renewed, revitalized to go on: as F pointed out, this is my dream, after all.

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