Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Wednesdays are usually my "day-off" in the week, apart from Sundays. So today was, well, another lazy day.

Using my glasses on instead of my contacts today just maybe made me unconsciously feel relaxed and lazy, as I usually am on work-mode when I wear contacts. Now I have my contacts on to get more alert and do some PowerYoga, but dangit, it's almost time for Grey's Anatomy! Yes, I have become a fan. And no, I try not to watch it by DVD, as watching it on television, with all the ads and the potential to channel-jump, just makes it a better experience for me.

Got a new pair of earrings today, the stones being Mystic Topaz. Mom and I split the costs: I used some previous savings: ah well; she is paying for Teacher Training, after all. I had thought of pairing it with a necklace of Smoky Topaz my aunt had given me while we were in Hong Kong, but upon Googling it, discovered it's actually of the Quartz family. Ah well.

The same aunt gave me a bracelet with an adorable bracelet with a fu dog pi yao carving made of red jade, though someone said it's amber. Eh. I didn't know he was given to guard me, but now, with that in mind, I shall wear him as much as I can, and I christen him with Neni? Nani? Yeni? Leni? LENNY. His name's Lenny.

Meanwhile, this is the woman who got on my nerves yesterday but H told me to just let go of it. I laugh about it now, but yesterday, it was pretty serious. When I think about it now, I still get pissed, but I figure, for all that she's pretty, she's down there when it comes to ethics and morals (even lower for proclaiming herself to be a yogini?!). So why should I deal with her? Then again, what gives me the right to judge her? But I think we all judge, one way or another: we are human, after all. But maybe I'll give it one more shot if I see her again: I'll smile. F told me my yoga is about STRENGTH, and apart from physical, I guess it extends to emotional, as well.

Anyway. Enough lazing about: I've got a TV show to watch, tea to make and drink, maybe do some abs if I can't do yoga, update my planner, put in some memorizing.....aii-ya.

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