Monday, March 12, 2007


The trip to Hong Kong, though sweet, was stressful, so perhaps it's better it was brief. Apart from fabulous food at the Conrad and IFC Mall, and discovering a bargain mecca, at least we were able to meet most of the things we wanted to do. I, for one, apart from finding this Indian CD set I've been looking for, finally got my new camera at Fortress, where I was told it is the best place to get digital products in Hong Kong. Following Josh's recommendations, and seeing the product physically, I chose the Canon Digital IXUS 850 IS. Soooo happy to have a Canon again. His name shall be Bagheera. I had previously seen snippets of the Disney adaptation of Kipling's work, so that might be it. Was trying Shiva instead, and a feminine character. Bagheera was only made male in the Disney adaptation, but was female in a Russian one. After all that drama, though, I'm keeping him male, and since the name Bagheera still called out to me more, Bagheera he will be.

I also went to the Bikram yoga studio in Hong Kong. There are four studio-rooms, each big enough maybe to accommodate 70-100 people. WHOA. Thing is, being carpeted, and not really aired (only vacuumed), the rooms (at least the one I was in) had a smell. Method of instruction was also not very personal, no names, just calling out the dialogue. My Mom said, "You can do better!" Perhaps. Hopefully. 'Coz sometimes I worry if this is the right decision GOD, I hope so.

I've always loved cartoons, as they remind me of childhood, and innocence, and when I didn't have to worry about anything. Nowadays, however, more and more cartoons have a commercial tinge. Imagine my joy when I saw cute cartoons, namely The Unsustainables and Meet The Greens as featured on this Ecorazzi article. So the angle here is to make more ecologically-sound decisions, but hell, I think it's better than telling their audience to buy the next lunchbox or action figurine with the same theme.

While looking for the latest Yoga Journal issue, I saw two other yoga-related magazines, instead: yogalife and Spirituality & Health. Expanding my yoga magazine repertoire, is all. I also saw this site that looks like it's good yoga: Aadil Palkhivala. Hmm.

Anyway, while I missed yoga class today pleading to fatigue and ill-preparedness for dialogue practice (thereby incurring T's ire), as well as took it slow and easy (getting the pre-trip mani-pedi and waxing: gotta get rrrreadyyy), it's good to be back. Now to step up, and MEMORIZE. Ack. Then how to wake up early enough tomorrow, given that my phone (which is apparently no longer available for purchase) just decided to conk out and die? What about my contacts in there, as well? Aaaargh. And even though I ate LOADS for breakfast, I think I'll get me some more breakfast food now , even as I know I should do ab exercises, or PowerYoga . Added to the lately very violent/snappish/virago-like moods, I just might be PMS'ing. So hello, pounds. C'est la vie, c'est la vie.

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