Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Curiouser and Curiouser

Lately, I've been feeling incredibly tired for no apparent reason. Crap. I hate this. Like after returning from the beach, despite yoga with Mo-ching, despite a spa treatment, this time around I still feel exhausted. I had my first post-trip Bikram yoga class yesterday, and I felt like I was going to just collapse halfway, around Dandayamana Janushirasana (Standing Head to Knee) and Dandayamana Dhanurasana (Standing Bow). I'm grateful the teacher was H, who doesn't push too hard; if it were F, I think I'd have really had to sit it out. T arrived after class, and was asking about whether I'd gotten my dialgues, 'coz he wanted me to start memorizing already (which is mostly the point in Teacher Training). If not, he said he can lend me his. Well, when I got home, I was overjoyed to find my welcome packet from Bikram Yoga Teacher Training! However, there was a misunderstanding wherein I was given a registration checklist for SOMEBODY ELSE! With incompletes! I was pretty upset, so I wrote S, the registrar, several times. 'Coz I AM complete! So what the hell?! Well, she wrote back this morning: it was a misunderstanding; I'm complete, and she says she doesn't need to fax back the cover letter I asked where I documented everything I sent. I'd still like her to fax back an acknowledgment, though. I'm afraid I'm being too pushy, but Mom said I can't afford NOT to be pushy. And truly, sometimes, no, oftentimes, to get things done, I find I really have to be pushy. Otherwise, I risk becoming a doormat. It's so true. And it's so hard to be a b*tch when I've been such a gentlewoman. But as a song goes, "Give [them] an inch, [they] take a mile." It's so true. It just feels like a betrayal of trust when they do it. I was brought up with the premise that "kindness begets kindness," and so on. Well, it seems not to be so in the real world. Of course there are pockets of special circumstances wherein if I'm nice they'll be nice back, and it usually pays to be nice in formal situations or "need-to-know" situations. But still: no more doormats. Fight back. And be firm.

My camera has conked out on me, so I haven't been able to photograph in a while. Argh. As we're going to HK soon, I'm thinking of (a) scoping out the Bikram yoga studio there (hello, future employment? Though the ones in Bangkok, and is this certified, too? Singapore sounds ok, too), and (b) getting a new camera. I always found Canon to be the brand that worked best for me. I don't like Sony for its over-exclusivity, and Olympus conked out on me. My specifications are:
1. with the feature that can take rapid-sequence (movement?) shots
2. the shaky hand safeguarding feature
3. over 6 megapixels. I've been told to get a 10 megapixel, but I think a 7 or 8 [megapixel] will do just fine.
4. general affordability/value-for-money
5. relatively compact and lightweight

With Canon, I've narrowed it down to
1. Digital IXUS i7, aka PowerShot SD40
2. Digital IXUS 850 IS, aka PowerShot SD800
3. Digital IXUS 900 Ti PowerShot A710 IS

I found this camera review website through Google; maybe it can can shed some light on this matter.

So life's moving, and moving fast. Gotta make sure that I crest the wave and don't go under. I can do this, and I will.

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