Friday, April 27, 2007

Coincidence or Fate?

There are 315 of us trainees. Among the multitude, I found a friend--who turned out to be Frank's student! Her name is Wancy. Then I practiced beside another of his students this morning--Natalie from White Rock? She in turn introduced me to two other students of his--Elena and Gena. OhmyGod, Frank, you brought us together.

Back from the book signing. What a circus. Waited for 4 hours. It's a good thing I had the good sense to eat beforehand--but not eat right: tomato florentine (with cheese-filled ravioli) soup, my beloved chai soy latté and a triple chocolate cookie. OhmyGoddelicious cookie, but I think it proved too much; that and 300+ people= headache. But finally got my books signed (might sell/give one away), my postcards sent, my (Aloha) sushi wish fulfilled, my chocolate & chai latté cravings fulfilled, my david+goliath fixation satisfied, and my Shirokiya curiosity appeased, which was also steps away from the Apple store, so that hit two birds with one stone! Even found the exact copy of Bhagavad Gita I was looking for! Now I am dreaming about a Tokidoki Le Sport Sac bag, but $$$$. Aiiyayay. Maybe for my birthday? Eek. But seriously, I think I should explore the mall beyond Barnes and Noble, haha, aside from a lunch with a family friend on Sunday, and the study session on Saturday for the Anatomy test on Monday.

Looking forward to the weekend!

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Chester Schambleton said...

Rock on fellow Vegan. I've been completely vegan for 7 years now. It's funny that the people I've talked with about the subject say that they just don't think they could make it through the training without eating meat. Please. My hobo like budget has me missing some of my favorite foods :( I went to Down to Earth the other day and it was like heaven and hell at the same time because I could only afford 2 bottles of kombucha, some nutritional yeast, and my grand treat: the rice dream mocha ice cream sandwich thingy. I've been going to chinatown and get super cheap fruit and produce and eating blocks and blocks of tofu. I was like 90 percent raw before I came here, but I don't have the budget, and I'm missing my juicer. I have some really awesome homemade flax/sesame/sun dried olive crackers that I brought from home. I made 8 sheets of them in my roommates dehydrator at home. I will bring some for you on Monday. It's refreshing to see someone standing up for animals. If Bikram says that chickens were creating for eating one more time I am going to hire a hitman. No really, I need to come up with something clever to shout out when he asks that. Too bad I'm not clever. We should have a vegan dinner potluck while we're here. That would be cool. I do make a mean pesto...