Wednesday, July 19, 2006

On the Here and Now

Life's been quite good, though it might seem boring to some. I mean, I read 'til my brain is close to bursting (maybe from struggling to soak up all the information?), and my job as a grad assistant is basically doing the stuff teachers usually don't want to do(!). Having time for yoga and voice has been pure bliss, and having more free time (conceptually, but it's taken up by reading, and running errands!). However, just the other night, my cousin came over--my cousin in Marketing, who earns about 50k a month (minus taxes is 35k, but still) And that brought up issues of the rat race, the money game, which is so not me. But I'll figure out what exactly I do best sometime in the future, soon, I hope (it needs to be soon), so that I won't have that feeling of inferiority and failure stamped on me (by parentals?) Well, I guess as long as I don't spend too much, I'll be OK. And I don't--well, except for books, and organic stuff (sometimes!), but not luxury items (like cars 'coz I don't drive...or fur, poor animals!). I'll see what the future will bring later, but for now, I'll enjoy the present, I guess. So much to do, so little time! Well, now, there's more time to burn, more dreams to realize, I hope. And indeed, I can hope.

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