Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hairy Hostility

Who says I have to go to the gym every day?

Who says that the only way to take care of my health is to lift iron and cycle endlessly without going anywhere?

I say no longer.
I say enough.
I say to take another road, from time to time. So I did.

When my sanctuary becomes a mindless automaton of a place, there is a certain alarm to that, so I dashed all gym plans...and went to the salon. I needed a change of scenery, man.

I damn my trainer for a short stint in hell as he said I bloated over. Well, you won't understand 'til you become a woman, which is never, BOY. And even if I don't stuff myself to bursting but still look like I did, well, dammit, I GIVE UP. Your opinion isn't my end-all and be-all, nor will I let it come close.

So now I am an auburn-streaked goddess, with tended feet and polished nails. See me dazzle. Hear me roar.

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