Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Brazil down there

Among the humdrum activities of this day...wait: should I even be proclaiming this in cyber space? But whatever.

So. Aside from celebrating my first so-far-successful (with my parents) week of sleeping in my room (I AM 22, for goodness' sake) and so far succeeding (again, with my parents) in being vegetarian (almost no eggs and even less milk)...

I had a Brazilian done today. For the first time.

Yes, there is pain. But weirdly, the pain felt...good? Like a release of sorts (can anyone say orgasm)? And the thick, sticky mass of heat, with the syrup smoothed down to be ripped off, along with the offending hair, felt oddly..good--like something thick, creamy, smooth: licking, sliding down you, before the immense, hair-raising, muscle-trembling, belly-clenching PAIN.

And when all is said and done, the feeling of..emptiness and bareness, smooth expanse, was like a skewed perverted return to childhood. I mean, I haven't been smooth down there since I was like 12! But as much as it did feel cleaner and barer and freer as was promised, it also felt more empty.

So I don't know if Brazil will make a return down there. Perhaps. But then again, perhaps not.

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