Saturday, July 22, 2006

A Communicative Decision

Friends, help:

what 3G triband phone should I get:

Nokia 6233N73


Motorola RAZR v3x?

Well, I want to get something that has all sorts of features (but not too much), a bit different, but not that hard to use. I was already leaning towards the RAZR v3x, but now that Nokia's 6233N73 came up, I'm not so sure. Thing is, I heard the 6233 doesn't support video calls?N73's a bar phone and not foldable and well, Nokia (i.e. mass appeal: everyone will have it) But Motorola has no FM station and infrared, and I read it's slow?



Jonh Q said...

That does seem like a concern. Maybe you should call Motorola about that!
Motorola Razr V3x

Preeminence in the Prosaic said...

Checked out the Nokia models. I'm set on Motorola now. :) Thanks, though!