Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Consummatum Est

*Thank you, Wikipedia.

Bought the book last Saturday. Started reading it in between workshop breaks, as much as I could. Finished it yesterday, the same day my workshop ended. Deathly Hallows was a major change from the disappointment of Half-Blood Prince, if I may say so, though the movie was a complete opposite, where Chamber of Secrets was much better than Order of the Phoenix.

Even as the Harry Potter empire series has come to an end, I still wonder how Harry graduated from Hogwarts, what job did he get, etc, how his kids look, whose hair, whose is red, etc; how the rest of the Wesley family fared, who became the next headmaster at Hogwarts (Minerva McGonagall?), and if as the latter books progressed, she had the actors/actresses in mind with the storyline.

Of course, the questions can, and will, keep on coming, but it was a good run, and a good read. Thank you, Ms. Rowling.

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