Thursday, August 17, 2006

Defining Perfection

The best thoughts can come while one is in the shower, as I myself was awhile ago. While sudsing away, I thought back of what my Dad had said, that my thighs are even bigger(!) than my Mom's, adding that she bequeathed me that particular gene of hers. I admit I have HUGE legs. And that it's not the ideal. But then again, not everyone has a "perfect/symmetrical" body (as in 36-24-36, as the saying goes for women). However, those we see in ads and magazines are usually these "perfect"-looking people. So sometimes I wish that they'd show us people with real bodies--with a little roll of flab here, some lines of cellulite there--all without airbrushing them out. However, as much as I am not alone in calling for more "real" bodies featured, neither is it a prime global call. For deep within all of us lies that aspiration for a personal peak, a personal ideal: to achieve a personal best. Our real bodies will thus not show perfection, and these "perfect" people will continue to grace billboards and flyers, magazines and the like. Then again, who dictated them to be the ideal? Wasn't there a period of time when fat was the ideal? In the end, it is still society who dictates how we think, act, and so on. And by seeing this, we're back to square one: it is a part of our consciousness, and thus already a seeming uphill battle with no end in sight. Perhaps, however, there is hope--in progeny, for a better, more accepting social view and consciousness. But we need not wait, maybe, but try to start now.

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