Thursday, August 17, 2006

Brain Blanking, Roger and Out

So I attended my nth Bikram (aka hot) Yoga class today last night. I've been trying to be religious about it--twice a week since it's a bit far from home. And I feel fantastic. It's so past yoga boy now; it's well and truly marvy (marvelous): it's such an intensely cleansing, detoxifying experience--of the mind and the body. I just feel so at peace afterwards. This is a far cry from weightlifting, which I had used to do. I now find weightlifting too harsh and cold--partly because of the atmosphere, and too agressive and flashy. Yoga's all about personal commitment, and individual concentration--hell, I just want to do my pose correctly: I don't care about the person next to me, nor does he/she! So because of my absence from weightlifting, my gymtrainer's been moping, thinking it's him (though OK initially, I was pissed 'coz he'd dish out opinions like they were to be taken as Bible truth, like it's the ONLY opinion, the ONLY solution. Hmph.) But now, it's obviously NOT, plus hello, I've been caring for my grandma in the hospital, whom today I had released from the hopsital (complete with the paying and the clearing); grad assistant work which due to the looming PAASCU accreditation, has been frantic; LOTS of MA work; and now, rebounding asthma and a new bug: sinusitis. So yoga has been my oasis, also complementing my vegetarian, animal-hugging lifestyle, and encouraging the free spirit in me (helped by my now sleeping in my room, allowing me to lounge in a shirt, and nothing else, etc.). Mindless cardio helps with stress too. However, weights just brings out all the needless aggression and helplessness and frustration in me. So no thanks. Now if only he'd understand.

For the subject of this entry, I put a meme here from Kae. I tag whomever wants to take it--that includes Patty, 'coz she previously complained that no one tags her ;p
1. Name: Therese-Cecile Manalo Sua
2. Age/Birthday: 19 May
3. Single or Taken: Happily Alone
4. Favorite Movie: This is a hard one. I can't pick one off the top of my head, but maybe Kill Bill? I loved it!!!!!!
5. Favorite Song: Another hard one! Now it's Paula Cole's Tomorrow I Will Be Yours
6. Favorite Music Artist/s: The Cardigans, Dido, Coldplay, Ennio Moriccone, Annie Lennox, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Paula Cole, Vienna Teng (something and I share)
7. Favorite Book/Comic Book: Yet another hard one: there are too many! Maybe Clare Coss' The Arc of Love, though that's a poem anthology, and I only borrowed it. For graphic novels, however, it's got to be Gaiman's and Amano's Dreamhunters, which Jem had signed, something I'll never forget
8. Tattoos and/or Piercings: none, but I want Japanese-inspired art on my nape or right hip..or even that place just above the butt?
9. Favorite TV Show: Voyeur for what? On where? No teevee, but I love LJ
10. Favorite Video Game/Board Game: I am still a loyal fan of Neverwinter Nights, though I don't get to play anymore; on Gameboy, I used to play Pokémon, heehee
11. Do we know each other outside of Livejournal? How'd you know me? I knew you first through Janine and Myka, then we became Ph101&102 classmates, plus I'd sit in Lit127.1 with you and listen to Danton navel-gaze :3
12. Random Statement. Fee fie foe fum, I smell the sap of an English mum! (?!?!?!)...told you it's random.
13. Tell me one odd/interesting fact about you: I tend to literally stick my nose into almost everything--sniffing stuff, (especially hair--but that's another story) even when I shouldn't. Smell is a huge thing for me.
14. If you could change anything about your current life, would you? Hmm. Yeah--learn how to drive, and be allowed to, so I won't have to rely on a driver.
15. Will you post this so I can fill it out for you? I'll post it, but you'll fill it out???? I don't understand...*scratches scalp*

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