Saturday, August 12, 2006

busy busy busy

Whatta day. So last Friday, after GA (grad assistant) work and crammed research, then a horrific two-hour traffic wait, preventing me from attending Bikram yoga, over the (hospital) telephone, Angkong finally allowed to have the operation done to Amah, after realizing that YES, the stones will return to block more ducts, and YES, next time can be even WORSE. After persuading him, and talking to the doctor, and asking for Diko (Auntie Carmen, his sister)'s support, he caved, as Mims liked to say. All this time, I was also corresponding with Sir Jonathan as my number was still with him and he needed me to contact the others that he would be absent the next day, though the deadline for the paper was still tomorrow. So I complied, texting the others--or at least those whose numbers I knew! Then I sped through the pre-operation process, arranging the formalities with the nurses, the cashier, the interns, the chief doctor, and relaying all this to my folks through my low-batt mobile, because the hospital phone was acting up. Then Diko and Achi Carol came, took me out for dinner at Pho Hoa (which has a nice revamped menu, by the way!) and brought me home--at 11:30, leaving me with little, precious time to do my various requirements. I tried...'til about 4:40, upon which I promptly succumbed to slumber, promising to wake at 5. Hah. Like that ever happened: I woke at 7:30!!!! Eeeek! But I was too tired to rush. So I left at around 9, being too late for Danny's class, choosing to cut (as I heard he was in a nasty mood--I have to apologize to him on Monday for doing this! :-s), instead getting my requested articles from the microform area, and getting ready for my Sidney presentation. The presentation....floundered, or maybe (hopefully?) not: Perhaps Dr. Lu was just really preoccupied. Who wouldn't be: her son is convalescing in UST! Then rushed to do Jonathan's paper, and squeezed a small lunch-snack in between. By the time I was done--5 pm--I was utterly drained. I then called the hospital to check on Amah, if she had already returned from the operation slated at 2 pm today, but my cousin Marco told me she's still in the Recovery Room. When Remus fetched me at 6, I thought to comfort myself with finishing the NBS coupons Mom gave me that were set to expire by Sept.15. And hey: NBS is having a SALE! 'Til the end of the month! Powerbooks too! But anyway. After some tired scrounging, I found Pullman's HDM Book 3--selling at PhP 392. I had PhP's 330 worth of coupons, so I only shelled out PhP 62! On to Starbucks, and hey, luckylucky: they had one last PINK liter-tumbler--the solution to my water shortage, I hope, and my current one to be set up as a "contingency." By the time all this was done, I was just floating. 'Tis a good thing I just rode and slept. When I got home, I could barely see straight: no cardio tonight, I guess. Slept 'til dinnertime (about near midnight), and caught up with my folks, which is almost always nice. But then, hehe, I was wide awake 'til 7 am, writing and surfing on the "Innernets," as Dubya calls it ;)

I'm hoping to go to this place after grad school, referred by a NYT article on Ayurveda: They offer Hatha Yoga and Ayurveda classes!
Then there's a place to be a volunteer and be close to animals, and not WWF, which promotes animal testing! :-s

As a consumer, I am currently going nuts over clothes from Lululemon (usually for yoga, hehe). Eeek. I can't wait for the next shipment to arrive at Aura, the store they sell to here! Can't wait can't wait!:

-Reverse Groove Short
-Curved Rib Lulu Pant
-Globe Trot Jacket

Hopefully Aura will come out with them!!!!!


I'm thinking of switching from Nokia to Motorola. Looking at the Motorola Maxx.

Or should I just stay and go user-friendly Nokia, but heavy on $$$ and save for the Nokia N71?

Sigh; I'll wait 'til December, or try to. Perhaps things will be clearer by then (and I'll have more $$$$ also, I hope!)

Hmm. I like my newfound hairstyle of pigtails: my hair's neater, and it still leaves my scalp flat for Savasana and sit-up poses in (Bikram) yoga--though it does make me look more like a kid than I already do! ;) I also like going around bra-less at home, being quite the liberating experience (envies flat-chested girls who can go out bra-less). But my tummy's all fat and gross just now: I'm hoping it's only PMS :(

Okay okay: Just heard LUSH has a buy one take one promo. And I need my fresh soap, hopefully with exfoliant & moisturizing properties! I'll be giving that a look later while Mom goes gaga over Prada and whatnot, after we visit Amah in the hospital. Hopefully, she's better. Yey. :)

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