Monday, December 04, 2006

Decisions on My Three-fold Path

Yoga in Manila:

Roberto Dario's Power Yoga --I don't think this is for me

Bela Lipat--I don't know why, but she scares me, though I think she also teaches Sivananda, which looks nice

Yoga Manila (Iyengar)--what I'm thinking of incorporating for alignment's sake (I'm told I'm too flexible)

Yoga Manila (Ashtanga)--piqued by this

Bikram Yoga Manila--what I practice: I love the push and the heat and the accompanying sweat

This article and quiz might help.

But what if I want to mix?

A glossary of Sanskrit terms here for resource purposes.

Then ohmygosh, there's Reiki, and vegan wholefoods cooking school.

But seriously, just do it; one step at a time.

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