Sunday, December 03, 2006

Back From Bora Too Soon

Despite the howling super-typhoon Reming/Durian (int.) baying at our heels the first day and half of the second, and despite Dad having a bad stomach (Ai-ya, that's for eating oysters on an empty stomach!) for most of our stay, I think our first sojourn to Boracay was a success. For my part, I had Iyengar yoga (Day 2), a Reiki exercise, and Yin Yoga(Day 3/Last Night), all for the first time, at Mandala Spa, where, incidentally, I met a wonderful person/mentor who I experienced all three exercises with, and who encouraged me to go down that same path ("You're a natural; you were born for it!"). Well, I definitely know where I want to go back to! ;)

Personal favorite (place)s:
Lemon Café
Mandala Spa
Sur Resort
the Roxy/Ripcurl shop next to Nothing But Water in D'Mall

Mom liked:
Pearl of the Pacific
Lemon Café

Places to try next:
Bamboo Bar (sangria with cinnamon!)
Juice Bar (caipirinhas?)
dive shops

The white, powdery sand, the deep azure sky, the cerulean waters, the slower, peaceful vibe...I loved every minute of it. Here's to bringing less material goods, but having more soul goods: here's to a return trip sometime soon.

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