Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Yoga on a Full Moon

Last night, I practiced yoga, but had a bit of a hard time with balance, plus my energy levels were sapped. I was wobbly getting off Ustrasana, and I felt like collapsing at some point. I couldn't understand it. Then my teacher F said, "It's probably a full moon tonight."

As I was going home, I looked up, and indeed it was. But what about it? I checked this site, and this is what it had to say: Full* and new^ moon days are observed as yoga holidays, as the energy force created by the moon and sun being in opposition and conjunction affects emotions and energy, and respecting these phases is believed to honor nature's rhythms....The moon controls the tides of the oceans. So, if two thirds of the human body weight is water, then it is likely that the moon affects our emotions and energy levels.

The crescent moon is also said to be very symbolic in yoga, at times being the symbol of yoga itself.

Other things to note: The period of a waning moon leading up to a new moon is the best time for detoxifying the body--release all your toxins and refresh. This is the optimum time to exfoliate, use cleansing face packs, sea-salt baths, seaweed wraps, have facials and sweat it out in the sauna.

The phase when the moon is waxing up to a full moon is the time to replenish, regenerate and repair your skin with moisturizers and essential oil massages. Give your hair a deep conditioning treatment too, as it's believed that the skin and hair are more absorbent at this time.

*The full moon occurs between 14 and 15 days after the new moon, and is shaped like a complete disc. The moon's illuminated side is facing the earth. The full moon reflects the maximum light from the sun. This is the time when the moon's energy is strongest and full of magick power.

^The new moon occurs when the sun and moon are in conjunction, occupying the same part of the sky from the viewpoint of earth. During this time the moon doesn't reflect the light of the sun, and so cannot be seen (except during a solar eclipse). The moon's un-illuminated side is facing the earth. This is a time of growing energy, newness, rejuvenation, growth, renewal and hope. It is a good point to make changes in your life, such as ending bad habits or relationships.

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