Monday, October 02, 2006

Oof Ouevre

I'm having such a hard time expressing the whirling events my self is assimilating. But if I don't, I'll feel worse. Ngunit nag-aalinlangan pa rin ako, dahil hindi ko siguradong mailalabas ito ng tama. Hay, buhay. Te, waay man madula con tilawa lang anay. Mayhap this will make sense, mayhap it won't. But I can't vacillate forever.

My iPod died yesterday. [So what; my feast day was two days ago]. No, but seriously, Zeke[Ezekiel], my beloved iPod that has recorded events, lessons, goofs, uploaded all my music and podcasts, travelled with me across continents over the year and a half we were together: Zeke, my beautiful boy, I'll miss you, sweetheart. Despite blanking out on me sometimes, you'd always return to me. But now, it seemed you had found your El Dorado and decided to stay. It'd cost 8,000 to call you back, but then they said you'd be totally different: your brain won't be Zeke's anymore. So rest in peace, darling.

Went to the dermatologist and ENT, as well. The former saw my little sudden breakouts[plus my ears, which she said were flaking from allergies from my Mom's pearl earrings *sob*] and said while injecting and squeezing the buggers all the while, "Ah, you must be stressed," to which I shrugged. The latter stuck both nostrils with anaesthetic-soaked cottonbud toothpicks, then siphoned my mucus, which was clogging my nasal cavity, causing my constant fatigue[complaining I'm always tired] the mucus build-up blocking my eustachean tube and potentially triggering my migraines[now he says it's vertigo]. He then prescribed me medicines which would clear my allergies, but made me sleepy just like that. The mucus got out, all right: I was sneezing the entire time I was in the mall [coz I didn't make it to yoga, boohoo]...but I finally bought the navy slip-on Converse sneakers I was dreaming about! THEY HAD MY SIZE. Thank you, Lord!
Later, over dinner, Dad said my breakouts are probably from all the "weird hippie[aka vegan] stuff" I eat. O_o Um, NO. Mom says not to stress, because it must be stress, but with the new, more peaceful yogic consciousness I have imbibed [but sometimes fail], I didn't really notice it. But who woldn't be stressed, I guess, with completing community service, geting cleared only to find out from the boss[which I never got along with] that my old job[that I was told would be open for me again] was no longer open. At the same time, on the last leg of community service, I was late in meeting the parentals fetching me, thus deeming me persona non grata/cold-war with my Mom, even banning me from the activities I like[which have already been paid for, too, but who cares, right?] in all her manipulative vengefulness. This is until she needs me to stay with her while she's operated on to correct a bad tooth job many years ago. So I stayed: for 7 hours, on the day before class, in the middle of the blackout, post-Milenyo. Oh, and we weren't talking while Milenyo was raging: the weather battle mirrored our family battle. Go figure. But at least Dad[who was the one who should be mad, as he lacked sleep, not she] was talking to me, and had already paid the electric bill I thought I had to pay, for their new apartment that also suffered the typhoon's wrath. Anyway, after the 2-hour prep, 2-hour operation and 3-hour recuperation, she talks to me as if nothing happened. WOW. Then after dinner, she imperiously says, "You're forgiven." WHAT?! The nerve! The night before Milenyo struck, R. and I were making plans to just go away from all the dealings with people close to us who just hurt us because they know how to. But first, I said, I have to set up a bank account. As and I were talking about all the stressors, I guess, she and I agreed: bago tatakbo, kinakailangang may gasolina ka. My mom's sister and a friend-cousin of hers, as well as her own mom all agreed that though what she did was wrong, to forgive her anyway. But my personhood was violated. Truly. It's been going on for as long as I can remember. No person should be treated that way. It'll take time again to rebuild that bond of mother+friend. And if she wrecks it again, I hope to be ready then. Even if my life will not be as comfortable, it will be mine.

So yeah, I guess I was stressed. That plus B, a good friend from Germany who's like a big sister to me, is inviting me for a two-week Ayurvedic cure in Sri Lanka. And I should leave on Monday. Too little time: I don't even have a visa yet! So I don't think I can. Plus all the requirements, and a presentation for a class I hope to get credited next year :-s Eeek. Looking for a job, too, 'coz now, I am an official citizen of the unemployed: official, at least, 'coz I am no longer a pending undergraduate. For the next sem, I will be an official[graduate] student, as well. What joy. Hopefully, things are looking up.

No more rainclouds, please.

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