Sunday, September 24, 2006

Last Rites

19.5 hours in 3 days. 30 minutes to go for me to complete my [20-hour] community service. *trumpets blast ceremoniously*

Ack. I'm so tired. First the Lumbera tribute last Friday (where I was part of the chorale, of which I hope went well, 'coz we all tried so very hard), as well as the start of my community service in the morning 'til the early afternoon, just before dress rehearsal+readying for the presentation+pre-pres. jitters, getting soaked through by the rain on the way to the prep. venue.
Saturday: up by 6, with the community service org rep by 7:30. Learned how to "sieve" graba, and how to use a sapal*, let alone know what it means! (*spade)
Sunday: was the "volunteer" who would accompany a group of freshmen (Edlyn's class-->is pleasantly surprised) to another village, for them to write about in their feature article for En11. Learned to paint with those roller sponges. BUT was late meeting my folks by a long shot. And they are VERY upset with me. How was I to know they'd be there by 1:20? I told my Mom I'd be done a bit before 2! :( Still, I should've told them I was still in the village. Ack. So no more fringe benefits for a looooooong time.

...Speaking of time, it is [obviously?] my GREATEST weakness. :( Eek.

Now, I hope to fix my grad status and hopefully be able to re-apply as grad assistant. Mark (not THE B&W-wearing Mark, but Mark Cruz) says we shouldn't rely on luck, hence our common disdain/annoyance of Wowowee, and lamentation over the Ultra tragedy....ANYWAY. So instead of luck, I ask for your prayers on this.

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