Friday, May 16, 2008

Random Thoughts

Dinner with my family. Tweena included. Ooh, did full camel for her and Cleod. Excerpts from the conversation:

Cleod: "ooh, you look like hakaw (steamed shrimp dumpling)!...Ok, I guess it'll be a bad idea for me to take your class...Of course, it probably does not help that you are wearing that shiny, white wrapper...yum"

Katrine: "Your students must love you; you're so hyper, like a happy tree friend! [then me reminding her I get all moody] OK, an emo happy tree friend!"

*on us discussing chat-lingo:

Cleod: "Seriously, if you type LOL in World of Warcraft, your character laughs! Aside from dancing...
Me: "Awesome! And then make it do the dance! Yeah yeah yeah!"

Me: "OK, so there's LOL for laugh out loud, FTW for the win, ROFL for roll on the floor laughing, LMAO for laugh my ass off...and HAH for hah!" [cue me laughing hysterically and Trina just O_o]

*on karaoke:
Me: "Trine, look, there's a song, called CHARING!" (I kid you not)

[me doing the ing-ing-ing sound a la pick axe murderer just because]

Cleod: "OK, awhile ago you sounded like a chicken on acid; now that was a version of Psycho done real badly..."

Then Katrina and I were balancing pens on our upper lips. It took a while because we were laughing so hard at each other's appearances.

Yeah, I love it when we all hang out. Awesome, awesome, we make the weirdest jokes, and laugh like loons while people all around look at us askance.

I called Trine up today and she tells me that if Jess knew how crazy I really was then it would be BDSM and I'm like whut? And I wiki it 'coz Wikipedia is awesome and I'm like holy cow. Um. Yes, my 18-year old cousin is telling me what to do in *that* department. She and I both agree I will always be a little girl this way. I have found my least for now: my best cousin who is my numbah one fan...when she's online, hehe.

I make weird sounds, especially with my dogs. And I love how big my dogs are (Labrador Retrievers) because I can totally monkey around with them. They LOVE me, just because, and knowing that, I am totally comfy with them, not afraid to do whatever with them. Sometimes, I wish life were this easy.

When do you get to know a person? Sometimes I wish it were faster, but then I guess that wouldn't be fun, right? And not as worthwhile?

Met with a friend, who told me I look the same: still look pretty good, and my eyes...are awesome. It was good to see him, but he also said something in me has..hardened, and again I say it: I have grown away from this world, this place. As much as I still have issues sometimes feeling special and worthy enough, I have grown...stronger, tougher, more independent. So Lord help me make it work in Houston.

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