Sunday, December 16, 2007


Mailed my extra books already to my aunt. We were talking about achy stuff during cold weather, and my right knee hurts sometimes when it's cold, and now, it's 30-40 Fahrenheit (about 5 Centigrade) here :-s OhmyGOD. I should've bought a pair of gloves and a hat, but by that time, coming from Wholefoods, I wanted to look at the ones in Whole Earth, but I wasn't feeling well anymore: I had eaten a sausage patty (gasp!) with a Belgian waffle and some whipped butter and some eggs (with salt and tomato ketchup, of course) for lunch, with some fresh OJ and a slice of lemon meringue pie (ok, just the crust and the lemon jello: the meringue was soft and sickly sweet) and I got a case of the runs. I didn't have milk, so it couldn't be that. My friend Angie thinks it's the pork; I was feeling the need for something more solid, so I ate the sausage patty: boy am I still regretting it now. Just fish and eggs and tofu, I guess. Oh, man. Speaking of food, my aunt went to this chi-chi place that had uniformed wait staff and a piano playing, $42 a head, she said. Yikes. There was caviar, but she said it wasn't anything special for her. And I quote: "They have Caviar. I don't understand what the big deal is about those little round things. Nothing that I can think of. Tasted it and then next......They had rock crabs, shrimp, freshly made sushi, salmon, lobster in little cups with something mixed in it, salad galore, grilled portobello mushroom, onions and eggplant, mussels, oysters , omelet bar and so many things." Whoo, sounds good! But different strokes for different folks, I guess. Speaking of portobello mushroom, I bought some today at Wholefoods with goat cheese and sundried tomatoes. Also got creamed garlic spinach, and crab cakes, with thousand-island dressing sauce on the side, I think: not sure. Sounds good, huh??? :-)

I was looking at spending Easter (vacation #3) with my aunt: was figuring 5 days would be good: maybe March 17-21, Holy Monday to Good Friday, or Monday to Saturday, 17-22? Whatever. And this time I'm getting a direct flight! Man: switching planes is taxing! :-/ Plus she won't be going back to work yet, so we can paint the town red ;)

I was thinking of what my parents were telling me about people wanting to take a class under me, and I thought of space heaters: I need to get some: I can't teach a cold class, it's not allowed, especially beginning students. And maybe a little air purifier so the room won't smell of sweat: that's what Pye does in her little studio-room. Was looking at Honeywell, at this baby, at, and at EdenPure. Need need need these.

Had a weird dream in which I was friends with the Dalai Lama and we were riding up and down this hospital elevator, and I questioned him about the Tibetan religion and why death is such a big part of it and he said I was...not insulting...superceding...something like disrespecting, the core essence of their religion, their reason for being, and he shut me out of the elevator?! Then the dream shifted and in flashback it turned out I had a daughter at a very young age, and life was hard for me (still set in the same hospital), and supposedly my parents disapproved and were unsupportive. And I was constantly trying to make ends meet, running away from my evil lecherous boss. Then I woke up. Weird. By the way, my daughter's name was Sophie/Sofie, I made sure of that. And I remembered thinking the day before that I would want to name a daughter that if I ever had one. So weird.

And NWN 2 is coming to the Mac!!! Woot!

In any case, I'm tired: taking class was good for my (sinus) headache, but my nose is still dripping. So I should get some rest. 4 more days!!!!

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