Saturday, December 15, 2007

Almost Christmas

As I have grown older, I have come to be more and more jaded about Christmas with each passing year. Too much commercial hype, less centering on what I always felt was more important: family, and to a certain extent, friends.

Well, this Christmas may be different. This Christmas, I am traveling halfway across the world to be with my parents this Christmas, and that...that just puts a different spin on things. It makes the world crazy, but right again. As Bikram says, the right way is always the hard way. 6 more days, and I will be going home for the holidays. Home, where it is warm, familiar, where I can be waited on hand and foot. I used to deplore that, hate that, but for a little break, it can be nice to have someone else cook and clean and launder, and not worry about it all.

Last week had me teaching 12 classes. Holy cow. 12. And of those 12, I taught two triples (three classes in one day). It was a crazy week. Crazy because people were getting sick but good because people who were ok (touch wood) were able to pick up and make it work. And I was one of those people. Yey! This week's teaching schedule of 8 classes has ended for me and I can now rest easy: Sundays are my day off, as per my request, which was duly honored, for which I am grateful for.

I'm almost fully-packed, have 5 more classes to teach...and I'll be on my way home for a little two-week break. A BREAK. And I mean it: hopefully I can be lazy and grow moss or something. Or maybe teach a few classes, take a few classes; we'll see. For now, I've gotta mail Ninang Noli my extra books, try to squeeze in some yoga, get my pre-Christmas massage on Monday, and maybe go out with Beth, check out Lululemon where I heard Bikram yoga teachers have a discount if they present their certificate: can't WAIT.

I just hope I end my last pre-holiday break strong.

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