Monday, July 26, 2010

Projects Day

Today was my day off, so of course, I still worked on stuff, namely preparations for Jess' and my trip to Toronto this weekend! I realized that I hadn't bought anything for my Toronto relatives, and have no idea what to give Jennifer and Terence, so after some consulting with my parents, I decided to get some Texas pecans at Central Market, yee-haw! I had gone to Lululemon the previous day with my poor suffering husband in tow (Lululemon is a yoga clothing store and I love it, while Jess doesn't, heehee), and they had forgotten to remove the security tag, so I had to go to that part of town anyway to have the tag removed (Central Market is a block away). Across the street is this paper store called Paper Source that I had been wanting to go to, next to the newest cupcake place in town called Sprinkles that I heard was good, so two birds with one stone! I bought a gluten-free cupcake for me (just 'coz I try to avoid gluten when I can) and a surprise cupcake for Jess, and then stepped into Paper Source...and fell in love. They had themed displays like cupcakes, and flowers, and home stuff, and man! I got gifts for Jenn there, I hope she likes it! (see Image 1), as well as a card. I was just thinking about using my stamps so I bought an inkpad, but then the girl asked me if I wanted to learn embossing to make the gold ink "pop." I did, and it turns out to be so easy! All you need is embossing powder, and a heat gun (see 2nd image)--you can't use a hairdryer as it's actually not as hot as the heat gun! And I've always loved embossed stuff. After getting some lunch at home, I did it for Terence and Jennifer's wedding card, and voila, see Image 3, my first attempt at embossing :) I cannot WAIT to go back to Paper Source. Oh dear, another shop where I have to guard my money from, haha. I also decorated paper bags to put the pecans in, as well as another food surprise--see image 4 :) Oh, Image 5 is some of my "materials" used--I even got cute felt animal stickers, one which I used to seal Jenn's and Terence's card. A friend in kickboxing calls me Martha Stewart, haha. Maybe not, but I do like craftsy stuff. I'm still struggling with knitting, and I have yet to take that sewing class, and with Paper Source, I might take a card-making class :) And as my Mom and Mama cez can testify, I've always loved stickers and stationery ;) So excited! So maybe I'm a bit domesticated: I don't think that's really a bad thing ;)

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